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[the power of example] a dreamer rooted in the fertile soil of science and technology

——Chi Qingguo, winner of Heilongjiang province's "May 1st Labor Medal" in 2021 and person to be awarded by the University in 2020

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Chi Qingguo, born in 1981, graduated from the material physics major of Grade 2000 in our university, and obtained the doctor's degree of engineering from Harbin Institute of technology in 2010. Professor, doctoral supervisor, young scholar of Longjiang University of electrical and electronic engineering, winner of Heilongjiang May 1st Labor Medal, excellent teacher of Heilongjiang Province and Secretary of Party branch of double leaders. "High voltage and insulation technology" (535 level I), reserve leader of provincial leading talent echelon, member of several special committees of China Electrotechnical Association, China Electrical Engineering Society, China composite materials society, executive director of high voltage test and test technology sub committee of IEEE PES high voltage insulation technology committee, editorial board member of IET nanodielectrics, etc.

Walking into the Institute of electrical engineering, a profile of professors familiar and respected by students is hung on both sides of the corridor on the first floor. Among them, there are academic leaders rooted in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing, as well as young and middle-aged scientific and technological backbones. They are the pioneers and inheritors of forging "great power heavy equipment". Professor Chi Qingguo is one of these 28. On April 27, Professor Chi Qingguo was awarded the "May Day Labor Medal" of Heilongjiang Province in 2021 at the celebration ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the May 1st Labor award ceremony held by Heilongjiang Provincial Federation of trade unions.

Won Heilongjiang Province "May 1 Labor Medal" in 2021

Know people and teach well, cultivate innovative talents

"Teaching and educating people should do practical things" is the educational belief that Chi Qingguo has been holding since teaching for more than ten years. His figure of desk work, patient and meticulous teaching, the attitude of brave exploration and the spirit of pursuing excellence have had a profound impact on students.

In the study of students' professional knowledge, Chi Qingguo adheres to the teaching concept of "student-centered, achievement oriented and continuous improvement", constantly optimizes education methods, updates teaching contents, improves teaching methods, and pays attention to the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application. In undergraduate teaching, we should respect individual differences, pay attention to explore students' potential and interest, guide students to participate in professional related competitions, carry out college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training program, and constantly cultivate students' scientific spirit and innovation consciousness, and improve their learning ability and innovation ability. Standardize the experimental teaching, production practice and graduation design, and build a scientific and perfect practice teaching system, so as to improve students' ability of analyzing and solving problems and practical ability.

In the cultivation of students' scientific research ability, Chi Qingguo adopts the training program of teaching students according to their aptitude, and pays attention to the combination of knowledge learning and personal development. After entering the University, Chi Qingguo always talks with them for a long time, and formulates research plans and academic goals according to their personal characteristics; In the process of carrying out the project, Chi Qingguo often went to the laboratory and told them to do a good job in scientific research, standardized operation, and do a good job in every little thing, and "details determine success or failure" is a sentence that Chi Qingguo often talks about, and it is also the students' perception after scientific research. Chi Qingguo asked the students to report once a week, including literature reading comprehension and experimental progress description, so as to exercise the students' ability of induction and expression.

In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the whole school teachers and students are isolated at home. Chi Qingguo paid close attention to students' studies, carefully prepared lessons, organized excellent scientific researchers in professional fields to carry out online lectures, so that students could receive good education at home. Although he is at home, his heart is concerned about the students, always concerned about the progress of their scientific research, voice or video calls with them, in the face of the problems raised by students, he always takes the trouble to explain; When students' thoughts and psychology fluctuate, he will always be kind and patient. His rigorous and meticulous academic attitude and work style of teaching by example have won the students' deep love and respect.

In the process of undergraduate and postgraduate education and teaching, Chi Qingguo pays attention to cultivate students' professional quality and love the party and patriotism. More than 30 postgraduates and postgraduates have been trained, of whom more than 20 have won the national scholarship for postgraduates and the honorary titles of "three good students" in Heilongjiang Province. Ma Tao, the student under the guidance, won the nomination award of "star of self improvement of Chinese college students" and "New Oriental self strengthening scholarship for Chinese college students" and other honorary titles in 2016.

Talking about Chi Qingguo, Ma Tao, who has already worked, said that Chi is my freshman head teacher and my graduate tutor. In scientific research, Mr. Chi is not only my guiding light, but also an example of our research group. During the undergraduate period, under the careful guidance of Chi teacher, I participated in college students' innovative experiments and physical instrument experiment competitions. I often had a lot of "theory" for the design of an experimental device. When I was a graduate student, I remember that I was working on a national fund project. One of the problems of magnetic field assisted process scheme was not solved. When I had nothing to do and wanted to give up, Mr. Chi came to me. My teacher analyzed the root of the problem from various angles and proposed several reasonable and feasible experimental schemes, so that I could regain my confidence. I still remember a sentence he said to me at that time: "people in this life, at different stages, will always encounter some difficulties and setbacks, whether learning, work, or family career, plain sailing will only speed up your growth, but will not increase the thickness of your life, and the thickness of life is the richest wealth of life!" After graduation and going to the society, I can understand the teacher's good intentions. It not only comforts me at that time, but also inspires me to work harder in the future.

Meng Zhaotong, a sophomore in electrical engineering, said that Mr. Chi is also a teacher and a friend to me. In scientific research and learning, Mr. Chi is always able to care about each one of us. During the epidemic period, we are very anxious to start school. In order to alleviate our anxiety, Mr. Chi insists on holding a group meeting every week to guide us in-depth theoretical research on our own topic, which not only enriches our theoretical knowledge but also relieves our anxiety. Chi teacher in our life to our care, he saw us lying in the laboratory table in the morning break, immediately bought us a folding bed. There is no drinking water in the experimental building. He bought a water dispenser at his own expense. These seemingly trivial things warm every student.

Feng Mengjia, a 19 grade doctoral student, said in an interview: "Academically, Mr. Chi pays close attention to the ideological dynamics of each of our students. When I feel slack and lost in research, she can always give me appropriate encouragement and encouragement, so that I can have a good attitude to meet the challenges. In life, Mr. Chi often teaches me to take the initiative to cultivate my good language expression and communication skills, In the contact with students, the positive energy of positive, optimistic and upward. Chi teacher told us to think in one place and make great efforts in one place. He encouraged us to strengthen communication and form a team atmosphere of unity and friendship. Mr. Chi's mature and stable way of doing things has affected me in all aspects. In the past few years as a graduate student, I have made great progress. I am grateful for his careful teaching. "

Team building to help discipline development

After graduating from Harbin Institute of technology, Chi Qingguo returned to his alma mater to teach. With the spirit of diligence and dedication, he repeatedly demonstrated and focused on details. He sacrificed his rest time and actively devoted himself to education and scientific research, discipline development and platform construction. He grew from an ordinary lecturer to a professor and doctoral supervisor. During his working practice, he deeply realized that it is difficult to achieve significant scientific research results by "fighting alone" in scientific research, and it is imperative to establish a scientific research team with excellent scientific research quality and excellent ability. Therefore, he actively strives for resources and creates conditions, leading outstanding young teachers to create a "dielectric energy storage and heat conduction technology innovation team".

High voltage and insulation technology is a national key discipline, and the State Key Laboratory of dielectric engineering is a high-level scientific research platform of the University, which makes the electrical specialty become the dominant characteristic discipline, and the College of electrical engineering also enjoys a good reputation in China. Chi Qingguo, as the reserve leader of the provincial leading talent echelon of high voltage and insulation technology, holds the attitude of daring to be the first in work and scientific research and willing to fall behind in welfare treatment. He leads everyone to overcome difficulties, and the team shows a strong development trend and good collaborative research ability.

At the beginning of the team construction, Chi Qingguo focused on the hot topics in the field of Engineering dielectrics and established the first research direction: structural design and performance optimization of flexible polymer composite media with high energy storage density. Then, through the investigation and analysis of the frontier research trends and the needs of the industry, and invited the senior professors inside and outside the university to guide us, the second research direction was proposed: the electric field distribution control technology of high voltage DC insulation structure. With the deepening of the team research and the industry's more demand for intelligent insulation materials, the third research direction is established: power electronic device packaging insulation materials.

Around the above research direction, the team built the relevant experimental platform and gradually improved the hardware and software conditions. Facing the higher requirements of electrical equipment on the performance of thin-film capacitors under extreme environment, the team proposed a method to improve the high-temperature energy storage performance of polymer based on multi-level interface collaborative design optimization based on full investigation and a lot of research, which broke through the key technology of composite insulation dielectric preparation with high insulation and high thermal conductivity, The aging evaluation method and life prediction model of capacitor film materials are established firstly. At present, the team is cooperating with well-known domestic capacitor film manufacturers, aiming to fill the gap in the field of high-end thin-film capacitors in China, and promote the localization process of capacitor film materials in China. As a grassroots scientific research worker, it is also a tribute to the 100 week anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

The development of the team benefited from the firm ideals and beliefs of each member. All members of the team had a doctorate, but they all gave up the relatively comfortable living conditions and treatment in the south. In the important period of "double first-class" construction of alma mater, they chose the place where they started to pursue their dreams, rooted in science and technology and built Longjiang. With the excellent performance of the team in recent years, the school of electrical engineering of a "National Double first-class a" University in a coastal city sincerely offered Chi Qingguo and his team valuable research start-up funds and high-quality education resources for children. At the team internal discussion meeting, the members thought more about the love of the school and college for the team, the importance of the discipline for the team, and the importance of the Key Laboratory for the young people. What they could not leave behind were the experimental platform built by the members and the innovative achievements just discovered by the team in the frontier field of disciplines. Team members are "selfish" about how to choose. They all make the decision to stay without telling their families the invitation.

Photo of innovation team of dielectric energy storage and heat conduction technology

Brave through difficulties and serve the needs of the country

Professor Chi Qingguo believes that both education and scientific research, theoretical knowledge must be combined with production practice. He not only pays attention to the frontier fields of scientific research, but also pays more attention to the actual production and efficiency of enterprises. He often goes on business to discuss with industry leaders and enterprise leaders in order to cooperate and seek common development.

Under the leadership of Chi Qingguo, the team has the courage to explore the scientific peak, meet the strategic requirements of Longjiang's all-round revitalization, serve the urgent needs of the development of the national power industry, and are committed to solving the "neck sticking" problem of high-end insulation materials. Many insulation material design technologies studied have made important breakthroughs, broken the industry bottleneck, and successfully carried out scientific and technological transformation.

In view of the technical difficulties of high-end insulation materials controlled by people, Professor Chi Qingguo cooperated with the team to systematically study the methods and mechanisms for improving the high energy storage density of polymer insulating media, and actively promote the localization process of insulating media for high-voltage power capacitors. Focusing on the basic theoretical research, technological innovation and achievement transformation of high-performance insulating media, the new intelligent insulation material developed by the company has dual functions of comprehensive regulation and control of electric field and temperature field, and the relevant technology is in the leading position in the world, providing guarantee for the upgrading of electrical equipment manufacturing industry in our province; It has made an important breakthrough in the localization process of high-end insulating medium, solved the bottleneck problem of obtaining excellent nonlinear conductivity and high polarization characteristics at the cost of sacrificing the breakdown strength of insulating medium, realized profit growth for enterprises and made outstanding contribution to serve Longjiang economy.

In the past three years, the team has undertaken 10 national level projects such as NSFC regional innovation and development joint fund key projects, 3 provincial and ministerial key projects, published more than 90 papers (including 17 papers with impact factors greater than 10 and highly cited papers), authorized 20 invention patents, won the second prize of Provincial Natural Science Award and the 14th Harbin Youth Science and technology award. He has been successively elected as a member of the engineering dielectric Committee of the China Electrotechnical Association, a member of the insulation materials and insulation technology special committee of the China Electrotechnical Association, a member of the youth working committee of the China Electrotechnical Association, a member of the high voltage new technology group of the high voltage special committee of the Chinese society of electrical engineering, and a member of the dielectric polymer composite materials and application special committee of the China composite materials society, He was the editorial board member of IET nanodielectrics, and served as vice chairman of the third National Conference on high voltage and discharge plasma in 2020 and the second National Symposium on thermal insulation materials and application in 2021. He was also the convener of the youth cloud Salon of the electrical technology society with the theme of "high field dielectric properties". He made invited reports in academic exchange activities at home and abroad Keynote report and branch chairman for more than 20 times have enhanced the influence of the school's electrical engineering discipline.

On scientific and technological innovation, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are constantly advancing, and science and technology are developing in depth and in coordination with economy, society, culture and ecology, which have a profound impact on the evolution of human civilization and the development of the global governance system. To promote sustainable development through scientific and technological innovation has become the only way to solve some important global problems concerned by all countries. As a professional teacher and scientific and technological worker, Chi Qingguo's team has always taken "strengthening provincial and school affairs, seeking Collective Development Bureau, and being responsible for people" as the development goal, sticking to the front line of teaching and research, teaching tirelessly on the three foot platform, being willing to be a ladder in team building, and determined to forge ahead in scientific and technological innovation

Chair IEEE International Conference on electrical materials and power equipment as an oral session chair

"To stop at the highest good is the constant personality pursuit of the Chinese nation." This pursuit of personality is fully displayed in Chi Qingguo. In the process of interviewing him, he is approachable and gentle. He consciously makes the author think of others and the power of example reaches to the heart. There is a kind of spirit, candlelight on the road ahead; There is a kind of power to push people forward. From his career development experience, we can see the inheritance of the spirit of science and technology and the adherence to the feelings of home and country, the responsibility and responsibility of teachers to teach with morality, and the diligence and dedication of scientific research workers to serve the country through science and technology. On the journey of pursuing dreams, Chi Qingguo and his scientific research team will never forget their original intention and keep their mission in mind. In the new era, they will make new achievements, draw new blueprints, compose new chapters, and work hard to tackle key problems and march forward with songs!

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