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The school held the on-site inspection and feedback meeting of Engineering Education Accreditation expert group of polymer materials and Engineering Specialty

Author: Sui ran Editor in charge: Sui ran Source: Publicity Department of the Party committee, Academic Affairs Office Date and time: 2021-06-18 18:30:31 Click:

At 16:00 p.m. on June 18, the school held a feedback meeting of the expert group on the on-site examination of Engineering Education Accreditation of polymer materials and Engineering Specialty in the second conference room of the main teaching building in the western district. The team leader, Professor Zhao Changsheng of Sichuan University, Professor Li Qifang of Beijing University of chemical technology, Professor Zhao Ping of China General Institute of building materials science, and Professor Zhao Ping of China National Academy of building materials science and technology Four experts from Fujian Institute of Engineering Li Wei attended the feedback meeting after two days of field investigation in our university; Liu Shenghui, vice president of the University, principal of relevant functional departments, party and government leading group of the Institute of materials and chemistry, director of polymer materials department and relevant professional teachers attended the feedback meeting. The meeting was presided over by group leader Zhao Changsheng.

At the meeting, Professor Zhao Changsheng, on behalf of the expert group, first summarized the main work in the past few days, fully affirmed that the school leaders attached great importance to undergraduate teaching and engineering education professional certification on behalf of the expert group, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all departments of the University, teachers and students, alumni and enterprises for providing good working conditions for the expert group's entrance examination.

At the meeting, group leader Zhao Changsheng pointed out that the on-site inspection expert group has comprehensively considered the audit opinions of the professional certification committee and the personal opinions of the inspection experts, and determined the key points and specific inspection methods of the on-site inspection of the expert group. In strict accordance with the requirements of engineering education professional certification standards, the inspection expert group verified the data provided in the self-assessment report in detail. We interviewed 24 undergraduate students, 16 teachers and management personnel, 8 representatives of employers and 8 alumni representatives. We inspected the teaching facilities of engineering training center, physical experiment center, chemical experiment center and polymer professional laboratory, and consulted more than 80 graduation projects and more than 90 production practice reports, And other courses more than 10 related teaching materials. The verification results show that the materials and data provided by the specialty are true and reliable, and conform to the relevant provisions of engineering education certification standards and supplementary standards of materials specialty. At the same time, Zhao Changsheng gave accurate evaluation and full affirmation from the aspects of students, training objectives, graduation requirements, continuous improvement, curriculum system, teaching staff and support conditions, and put forward opinions and suggestions for further improvement.

At the meeting, Li Qifang and Zhao Ping respectively affirmed the achievements made in the process of professional education, and highly praised the in-depth implementation of the concept of engineering certification by professional teachers and students and various departments of the school. And from the personal point of view, the paper puts forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the further construction and continuous improvement of the specialty.

At the meeting, vice president Liu Shenghui expressed his sincere thanks for the hard work, sincere guidance and affirmation of the school accreditation work made by the expert group during the in school examination; We deeply admire the dedicated working attitude and efficient work style of the expert group; All the detailed and accurate opinions and objective suggestions are accepted. On behalf of the University, he solemnly stated that: the expert group's pulse inspection and diagnosis are very accurate, and the opinions and suggestions of experts, especially those pointed out by them, are accurate, objective and pertinent. All the experts stand high and have a profound understanding, and have a forward-looking vision standing in the overall situation of higher engineering education, which has important guiding significance for the continuous improvement of specialty construction in our university, The university will continue to promote professional certification, do a good job in rectification, further improve the school running level and quality of education, and solidly promote the undergraduate education and teaching work to a new level.

At the meeting, Dong Limin, President of the Institute of materials and chemistry, and Zhang Guiling, Secretary of the Party committee, respectively expressed their sincere thanks to the expert group, pointing out that the professional accreditation of engineering education plays a positive role in promoting the construction of professional connotation of the college. Dong Limin said that the college should comprehensively summarize the certification work, sort out the opinions put forward by experts, draw inferences from one instance, seriously formulate rectification measures, grasp the implementation, and constantly improve and improve in the future work. (photographer: Geng Hongjie)

The school held the on-site inspection and feedback meeting of Engineering Education Accreditation expert group of polymer materials and Engineering Specialty

Professor Zhao Changsheng, leader of the expert group, delivered a speech at the feedback meeting

Professor Li Qifang's speech at the feedback meeting

Professor Zhao Ping gives a speech at the feedback meeting

Vice president Liu Shenghui speaks at the feedback meeting

Dong Limin, President of the Institute of materials and chemistry, delivered a speech at the feedback meeting

Zhang Guiling, Secretary of the Party committee of the Institute of materials and chemistry, delivered a speech at the feedback meeting

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