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Zhao Lin went deep into the Institute of automation and visited Professor Hu Jun, an outstanding member of the Communist Party of Heilongjiang Province

Author: Sui ran Editor in charge: Xu Zhi Source: Publicity Department of the Party committee Date and time: 2022-01-06 13:13:48 Click:

On the morning of January 6, Zhao Lin, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, came to the Institute of automation to investigate the development and construction of the college, visit Professor Hu Jun, who won the title of Excellent Communist Party member in Heilongjiang Province in 2021 and President of the Institute of automation. On behalf of the University, he expressed his gratitude for the hard work of the college and extended New Year greetings to all teachers. Zhao Shuishan, member of the Standing Committee of the University Party committee and head of the ta99app下载官方 Department, accompanied him.

Zhao Lin affirmed the achievements made by the Institute of automation and Professor Hu Jun in the past year. After listening to the report, Secretary Zhao Lin said that the leading group of the Institute of automation is united and harmonious, and its officers have a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere. They are building a group with appeal and cohesion, leading the college to make great progress in Party construction and professional construction. Zhao Lin stressed that the Institute of automation should accurately position itself, give full play to its advantages, create characteristics, base on the construction of disciplines and specialties, accurately connect with the industry, and talent training should meet the needs of the industry. In the opening stage of the "14th five year plan", we should concentrate our wisdom, overcome difficulties, plan, lay out, forge ahead and break through again. Zhao Lin said that the college should make good preparations for the Fourth Party Congress, remind the Party style and clean government during the "two festivals" period, and educate teachers' ethics and conduct, and put forward further requirements and guidance for the future development and construction of the college.

Zhao Lin pointed out that the Party committee of the university has always adhered to the principle of the party managing talents, and has always attached importance to the cultivation, unity and support of talents. As an outstanding young talent of the University, the university will continue to pay attention to and support Professor Hu Jun, and hope that Professor Hu Jun will continue to work in the development layout of the college, the output of scientific research achievements, and the construction of teachers' ethics and style, We should give full play to the exemplary role of excellent party members.

During the investigation, Jia Hongyu, Secretary of the Party committee of the Institute of automation, and Hu Jun, President of the college, made a brief report to Zhao Lin on the evaluation and appointment of professional titles, performance appraisal and undergraduate enrollment and training. (photo: Sui ran)

Zhao Lin visits and sympathizes with outstanding communist party members in the Institute of automation

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