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The school held a video conference on the promotion of employment in the stage of epidemic prevention and control

Author: Guo Lei Editor in charge: Division of enrollment and employment Source: Department of admissions and employment Date and time: March 19, 2020 15:17:31 Click:

In order to implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on employment work, as well as the important deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the Provincial Department of education on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, and to do a scientific, standardized and efficient job in the employment work of 2020 graduates during the school epidemic prevention and control period, on the afternoon of March 18, Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over a video conference on the promotion of employment work in the stage of epidemic prevention and control. Vice President Chen Qingguo, chairman of the trade union and President of Rongcheng college Xu Xiangchen, heads of the school office, academic affairs office, student office, Graduate Department, Youth League Committee, School Discipline Inspection Commission, network information center, publicity department, colleges and other departments, and all staff of the enrollment and Employment Work Department, A total of 63 people attended the video conference.

On March 9, the Provincial Department of Education held a "video conference on employment scheduling of college graduates during the period of epidemic prevention and control in the whole province". After the provincial conference, our school held a video conference of school leaders at the first time. Secretary Zhang Hongtao and president Zhao Lin attached great importance to this year's graduates' employment work, and set up president Zhao Lin as the group leader, Lu Yan as the deputy secretary and Chen Qingguo as the Deputy group leaders, The "Harbin University of science and technology special class on employment during the epidemic prevention and control period" with the responsible persons of relevant functions as members focuses on promoting the employment work of this year's graduates.

At the meeting, deputy secretary Lu Yan first conveyed the spirit of the provincial video conference and the instructions of the school's main leaders. On behalf of the school, he asked all the staff to improve their political position, put the employment work of graduates in a more prominent position, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the aspects of in-depth tapping of potential, broadening channels and accurate services, so as to enhance the sense of urgency of doing a good job in the employment of graduates Sense of responsibility and mission.

Next, leaders of the participating universities listened to Comrade Guo Lei's report on the employment statistics of 2020 undergraduate graduates during the period of epidemic prevention and control, and understood in detail the current employment situation and the work objectives to be completed of graduates of all majors and affiliated colleges. On this basis, director Wang Junming introduced the progress and achievements of online recruitment, online double selection, precision service and online employment guidance organized by the University since the epidemic prevention and control, and focused on the overall goal, organizational leadership, main work and safeguard measures of the employment work of 2020 undergraduate graduates. Specific arrangements have been made for the employment work of each college everything It is necessary to carry out classified investigation on graduates, verify the employment situation of students, establish the employment account of graduates, dynamically track them, and report the employment situation of graduates through the national employment monitoring system every week; Second, it is It is necessary to adapt to the situation, make full use of the "cloud employment" mode, effectively solve the "hot up and cold down" phenomenon, guide and encourage unemployed graduates to participate in online recruitment activities inside and outside the school; Third, it is In order to realize the sharing of employment information resources, the recruitment information collected should be classified accurately and released to unemployed graduates by wechat, QQ and other means at the first time; Fourth, it is Special attention should be paid to the graduates of special groups, accurate assistance should be achieved, and special personnel should be arranged to provide "one-to-one" Recruitment Information and employment consultation, and priority should be given to recommending jobs for them.

Finally, Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee, pointed out in his summary that employment is the greatest livelihood of the people, and stable employment is the first of the six stabilities. We should resolutely implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Ministry of education on doing a good job in the employment of college graduates, earnestly implement the "top leaders" project, and form a working mechanism of collaborative promotion and full participation in employment. In view of the current school epidemic prevention and control during the employment work put forward four requirements: everything To improve the political position, strengthen organizational leadership, and earnestly implement the "top leaders" project, the presidents and secretaries of each college must personally deploy and supervise, and the leaders in charge should rely on the front command and pay close attention to the implementation. The college should hold a meeting of the whole college on an optional date, and then promote and implement this year's employment work, and strive to ensure that the employment rate of our graduates is not lower than that of the previous year in a limited time. Second, it is We should step up publicity and recognize the seriousness of the situation. Affected by the international and domestic epidemic situation, the employment work will inevitably face more new difficulties and problems this year. The college should strengthen the ideological education and employment guidance for graduates, reduce the employment expectation of graduates, and continuously improve the enthusiasm of faculty and counselors to participate in the employment work of all staff through improving the linkage mechanism of employment work. Third, it is Accurate arrangement, responsibility, extensive contact and resource sharing. While strengthening the "one-to-one" employment guidance and assistance for the graduates of the groups with employment difficulties, we should also pay more attention to the graduates from Hubei Province and those from the areas with severe epidemic situation, establish special accounts, and encourage them to find employment in key industries, key areas and major projects of the state. We should actively develop the employment market, rely on alumni resources and Industry Alliance, share information resources, excavate employment posts, and help students achieve employment. Fourth, it is We should actively plan, take the initiative, actively explore employment incentive policies, do our best to do a good job in the employment work of graduates in 2020, strive to achieve the overall goal of graduate employment, so that the university will continue to maintain the advanced rank in the employment work of colleges and universities in the whole Province.

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