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[example power] ignite the "fire" in students' hearts with passion

Author: student reporter: Zhang Xianyi, Qiu Jiajing, Zhang Weilong, Yu CHENFENG Editor in charge: Chen Ying Source: Publicity Department of the Party committee Date and time: 09:58:11, November 8, 2019 Click:

She is a teacher who "chats" knowledge with her classmates on the platform of military theory. She is a part-time counselor of ethnic minority students who wholeheartedly cares for students. She is a beacon on the road of students' study. On the platform, she ignited the students' thirst for knowledge with her heart; Under the platform, she had a cordial conversation with the students to solve problems in life. She stepped on the altar of education with love and responsibility, and played the music of educating people with loyalty and dedication. She is the students' favorite teacher - Liu Chang of the Marxism Institute.

Mr. Liu Chang entered the reserve military academy of our university in 2012 and served as a full-time teacher. In September 2017, he was transferred to the Marxism Institute. He has taught public courses such as military theory, national defense construction, military strategy and thought of Sun Tzu's art of war. He has been the head of the freshmen's military training for many years. She led the students to participate in the "first national military summer camp" and helped the students arrange the dance "Liangzhu" to win the second prize of literature and art performance. In the time when she contacted the students, the cheerful smile and meticulous care of Teacher Liu Chang were printed in the hearts of the students.

There are poems and books in the stomach, and the fragrance of books does not disperse

In Liu Chang's student days, many teachers have established an optimistic, positive, casual humor, amiable teacher image. The tutor in her master's period has set up the appearance that an excellent teacher should have. She was deeply impressed by her scholar style and persistence and tenacity in dealing with academic issues. Her tutor told her with her own actions: to be an academic, a teacher, or to do anything carelessly, she must be serious and go all out.

Liu Chang was born into a teacher's family. Under the influence of her family, she is proficient in all aspects of music, chess, calligraphy, painting and so on. The scholarly family had a great influence on Liu Chang. She is eager to be a teacher. She is eager to be able to impart knowledge, teach people and fish on the platform, and pass on what she has learned to students. These are the things that make her feel most successful.

"Education is a self transformation, education is a soul wake-up. Company is the longest confession, teacher's ethics is the most simple adherence." This is Liu Chang's original intention to become a teacher, and also the fundamental reason why she has been able to take care of the students and impart knowledge without any return, and keep a warm and positive attitude all the time. She turned the love in her heart into practical action, integrated herself into the teaching of military theory course, walked into the hearts of every student, and became the favorite teacher of students.

Preaching is also a teacher and a friend

"Ancient scholars must have teachers. Teachers, therefore, preach, teach and dispel doubts." Liu Chang believes that imparting knowledge is the first priority for teachers. National defense education is an important part of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. The effect of national defense education is related to the achievement of the overall teaching purpose of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. As a teacher of "military theory" and "national defense construction", Liu Chang undertakes the important task of national defense education for students. She is committed to let every student understand national defense, have better military theoretical foundation quality, enhance national defense security awareness, strengthen patriotism, collectivism, strengthen organization and discipline, and promote the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. How to ensure the effect of classroom teaching, to achieve teaching in fun, to stimulate students' endogenous motivation, is Liu Chang has been thinking deeply.

In the classroom, she is a "middleman" who makes the best of both sides between knowledge and students, so that students can have a strong interest in deep research through lively and interesting explanation in class; In class, she went into the hearts of students to guide them and help them solve their life and psychological problems. There is no rigid preaching, no cold rejection, looking at her gentle smile, many students feel warm in the heart.

"Many students are far away from home to study in the northern ice city. I often wonder how to solve their homesickness? How can I ease their anxiety and anxiety? I should communicate with students more, walk into them and understand their inner world." Liu Chang told the author that she worked as a part-time counselor for ethnic minority students, providing one-on-one counseling for ethnic minority students. She was connected with a student from Xinjiang. She needed to take the train for three days and three nights when she came to Harbin. In front of her, learning difficulties were not the primary problems to be overcome. Homesickness and lifestyle differences were the biggest problems in front of her. After class, Liu Chang communicated with the classmate alone for many times. She worked hard to solve the problems in life and slowly opened her heart knot.

Do your homework and learn for life

As a young teacher, Liu Chang also encountered many problems when he was a teacher at the beginning. He just experienced the change from a student to a teacher; In class, some students often ask some strange questions, which makes her unable to answer and end in embarrassment; The content of preparation is different from what was said in class. I don't know how to tell it according to the established ideas and logic. Liu Chang's way to deal with these problems is to learn more, prepare more, fill her own knowledge reserves, build her own teaching framework, spread in all directions, and integrate from multiple angles, so that she can calmly deal with students' questions and the deviation of classroom rhythm. "One minute on stage, ten years off stage. A class is only one and a half hours, but I have to prepare for four hours or even four days after class."

The first prize of the first national military theory video course teaching competition, the first prize of the fourth Heilongjiang military theory teaching competition, the third prize of the school young teachers teaching competition, the third prize of the school micro class competition, and the third prize of the school courseware competition are all the results of Teacher Liu Chang's careful preparation and teaching. Her special course "Mao Zedong military thought" was rated as an excellent course of Heilongjiang military region, and made a special report in the 2016 "provincial student military training military theory course teaching exchange activity". She has changed from a "green pepper" to a mature teacher who is calm and easy to accept and release, playing her own light and heat in the classroom of national defense education.

Now, she is still actively seeking advice from old teachers and seniors. She knows that students are constantly changing and that they must keep pace with the times. In order to keep up with the students' ideas and attract their interests, we must constantly update our teaching methods and teaching contents. For the problems found in teaching practice, she actively through extensive reading after class, careful thinking and serious research to solve. Every time the teaching and research section prepares lessons collectively, Liu Chang will carefully listen to the experience and methods of the older generation, and convert them into his own mind.

Versatile, moistening and silent

The specialty cultivates sentiment and makes people's life more substantial and colorful. In the military theory class, the specialty and the specialized course got the perfect combination: the ballet "the Red Detachment of women" is Liu Chang's unique innovation; When talking about Sun Tzu's military strategy, Liu Chang connected the content with oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and other art forms to make everyone feel fresh and interesting; Outside the classroom, whether it is communicating with students or arranging programs with students, she pays attention to tap everyone's strengths and give them full play. The use of these advantages not only brings rich color to the ordinary life, but also changes the way students receive knowledge, and also changes everyone's cognition of teaching methods.

Liu Chang moistens the students' hearts with sincere company and meticulous care, raises the sails of students' progress with the dream of youth, and gestates the pillars of the motherland's future with little bit of pay. She has always kept in mind the high-level teacher team standards advocated by the school for a long time, namely, "everyone has the noble sentiment of great love, everyone has the professional quality of striving for perfection, everyone has the academic standard of being able to ask questions, and everyone has the working style of seeking truth and innovation", and has been working hard for it. As an engineer and shaper of the human soul, Liu Changjian keeps the spirit and dignity of the University, and illuminates the students' learning path, future and heart. Facing the rising sun, the students are expected to learn with sweat; Under the starlight, we should guide the healthy growth of students with wisdom and knowledge.

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