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[example power] flying flowers reflect life

Author: van der Loong Editor in charge: Xu Zhi Source: Publicity Department of the Party committee Date and time: 20:34:08, December 13, 2019 Click:

On the morning of September 10, in the lecture hall of Building 1 in the West District, the music was leisurely and the atmosphere was warm. The 35th teachers' day and the commendation meeting of "lifetime Honorary Professor" and "students' favorite teacher" were being held. Among the 10 professors and teachers who have been commended, Mr. Li Zhenjia, who is still hale and hearty in his eighties, is of special concern to the author. This is not only because the author had an in-depth interview with Mr. Liu six years ago, but also because the award speech given by the conference once again shocked my heartstrings

"Determined to serve the country, through ups and downs, always loyal to the party's education cause;

Spelling head, concentrate on research, blade flower flying, reflecting your brilliant life.

The heart of talent, earnest and good guidance, nurturing more than 1000 students Taoli Jiuzhou;

He was indifferent to fame and wealth and devoted himself to science for decades.

He has the courage to take the lead in cutting tool research;

The title of "Dao Wang" is your immortal name in the field of chip breaking theory and chip control technology research in New China

It can be said that this award speech, full of deep feelings and sonorous words, is a high-level summary of Mr. Li Zhenjia's fruitful scientific research achievements over 60 years of teaching, and it is also a true portrayal of his life, who is known as the "king of knives" in the industry.

Professor Li Zhenjia (middle) was awarded "honorary professor for life"

He has never lost his ambition to serve the country after suffering

Li Zhenjia was born in a scholarly family in 1933. His grandfather was a scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, and his father graduated from Waseda University in Japan in the early years. It was precisely because of his father's emphasis on education that Li Zhenjia had been exposed to astronomy, physics, biology, mathematics and other natural science knowledge since his childhood, and had a strong interest in it. That is to say, from then on, his ambition to become a scientist gradually became clear in his mind, and he struggled for it in the following decades and unswervingly.

When he was young, Li Zhenjia's greatest interest was reading. At that time, he read hundreds of modern literature books written by Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Bing Xin, Guo Moruo, Ba Jin and other progressive writers. He even included many works of the former Soviet progressive writers and Communist writers, such as fajiev's "the young guard army", Ostrovsky's "how steel is made" and Sholokhov's "the silent Don River", These books showed him a brand-new world, and had a subtle positive impact on his world outlook and outlook on life, which made him deeply realize that only the Communist Party of China can save China, and the Communist Party of China will win the final victory of the war of liberation. Even when he was "cleaned up" in the land reform, he did not waver in thought, but sympathized with the working people. Due to his outstanding performance in study, work and various movements in the early period of liberation, he joined the Communist Party of China in 1953.

In 1950, Li Zhenjia came to Harbin from his hometown Tai'an County, Liaoning Province, to study and live. He won the first place in the city's junior high school graduation examination that year. However, due to financial constraints, he did not continue to study high school, and then through the college entrance examination to college, but chose a junior college. Failing to attend the college entrance examination has also become a major regret in Professor Li Zhenjia's life.

Li Zhenjia, who was determined to serve the country and become a scientist, did not stay in the "regret". After graduating from Harbin Institute of technology, in order to further enrich himself, he went to Dalian Institute of Technology (now Dalian University of Technology) in 1954 to study machine tool and cutting tool major. As for his learning experience more than half a century ago, he said little, "at that time, my idea was very simple, that is, I wanted to study hard. The opportunity to learn was hard won and should be cherished." The experience of greedy sucking in the sea of learning also laid a solid foundation for his later academic achievements.

The golden age of his life is in his thirties. Just as Li Zhenjia wants to open his hands to a big fight, the "Cultural Revolution" has come, and if delayed, it will be 10 years. In the "Cultural Revolution", he was beaten as "the academic authority of the reactionary Bourgeoisie", entered the "cattle shed", and moved to the countryside to settle down. In nearly a year's "cowshed" reform through labor, he worked as a laborer and construction worker, and participated in the construction of the school club (now the site of the former canteen). Despite his ordeal, his ambition to become a scientist and strive for the cause of scientific research all his life has not wavered. In the two years since he settled in the Taitun commune of Hulan County, he has gradually become a qualified farmer by sowing, shoveling, field management and cutting land in the countryside. Later, he designed and manufactured a complete set of oil workshop equipment and built the oil workshop with others according to the local conditions; In addition, a cement bed leg soil lathe (bed is Youmen planer column) has been developed and a machining workshop has been set up.

During the conversation, Li Zhenjia said that he admired Lu Xun very much, because Lu Xun dared to satirize the reactionaries of the Kuomintang and was indomitable. And Mr. Lu Xun's poem "cross brow cold to thousand fingers, bow to be a willing ox" has also become his life motto. Therefore, even in all kinds of difficult circumstances, he did not complain. Li Zhenjia said, "it was the party that trained me, so over the past 60 years, I have been loyal to the party's educational cause, teaching and educating people, discipline and guidance. I think I am worthy of the party and the people." Indeed, the bitterness, bitterness, bitterness and sweetness of the three "Dynasties" made his life rich and colorful, and also contributed to his sincere devotion to the party's educational cause!

Practice the skill of spelling

In 1977, the National Science Conference was held, which called for the second scientific spring for all Chinese intellectuals, but Li Zhenjia was already in his 40s. "The best age for scientific research and achievements has passed. It's a fake to say that it's not urgent. I want to take back the lost time." Heaven is full of energy, and China is sending talents. In order to seize the opportunity, he aimed at the domestic blank of heavy-duty indexable cutting tools, and determined to double his efforts, and from then on he set foot in the research field of heavy cutting mechanism and tool development technology.

In 1977, Li Zhenjia and Gu zuwei, the former senior engineer of Harbin steam turbine plant, presided over the ministry level research project "Research on the structure and reasonable geometric parameters of heavy turning tools", and led the teachers and technicians of five enterprises, including the former No.1 heavy machinery plant, Harbin steam turbine plant, Harbin electric machinery plant, Harbin No.1 tool factory and Mudanjiang cemented carbide plant, to tackle key problems for five years, For the first time in China, mathematical statistics method and heavy cutting test technology were used for groove development and research. After more than 300 tests, the first batch of two-dimensional groove type heavy indexable horizontal inserts in China were developed, which opened a new way for the application of heavy indexable inserts in China at that time, and won the second prize of science and technology progress award of the Ministry of machinery industry, Since then, this achievement has been widely used in China.

At that time, Li Zhenjia had made gratifying progress in the research of chip breaking mechanism and heavy cutting tools in China, but he was soberly aware that the research in this field in China was far from the advanced level in the world. Strong heart tames the sea, the mighty spirit walks thousands of mountains. In 1983, when he was nearly 50 years old, he traveled to Fusang and became a visiting scholar at Yokohama National University in Japan. During his two years in Japan, Li Zhenjia has been engaged in the research of chip breaking mechanism in the Research Laboratory of world famous chip breaking authority professor Ichio Nakayama. When he saw the backwardness of domestic technology, he secretly determined that he must not always follow others. He gave up his holiday break and devoted all his time and energy to scientific research. Professor Zheng Minli, a student of Li Zhenjia, was deeply impressed by his efforts in academic research, "I have gone abroad with my husband for academic exchanges four times, and I deeply admire my husband's persistent pursuit and pure spirit in academic research. Every time, my husband has a full schedule, visiting laboratories, visiting research centers and holding academic exchanges. Every time, he is as energetic as a young man." During his study in Japan, the living expenses given by the state were not much. He saved money on accommodation, transportation and meals. When he returned home, he bought several valuable instruments and equipment, such as cutting speed measuring instrument, as well as microcomputers, which were rare in China at that time. The equipment also laid a solid foundation for the school to carry out scientific research in the future,

After returning to China in 1985, Li Zhenjia presided over the national "Seventh Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research topic "Research on chip breaking of numerical control lathe", organized Beijing University of science and technology, Southeast University, Chongqing University, Chengdu University of science and technology, Chengdu Tool Research Institute and other units, after five years of tackling key problems, developed the first batch of three-dimensional complex groove type turning blades with world advanced level in China. Among the research achievements personally presided over by him, he first put forward the systematic theory of chip breaking limit at home and abroad, developed the optimization technology of three-dimensional groove, invented the precision turning blade with three-dimensional complex groove, and won the fourth prize of National Invention Award.

In 1991, he presided over the National Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on the principle and mathematical model of 3D cutting 3D groove chip breaking" and the national "Eighth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research project "Research on universal chip breaking groove type and CAD of NC blade". According to the chip dynamics principle of the comprehensive action of swing and impact and the bending principle of curved beam, his research group has established the mathematical model and fracture criterion of transverse curled short spiral chip and C-shaped chip, and developed the chip breaking process and groove CAD expert system.

In 1996, he presided over the "Ninth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research project "development of expert system for process parameter optimization" and "virtual reality of chip formation and fracture process" supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. His research group has established the mathematical model of chip space movement track for the first time in the world, and has realized the virtual reality of chip forming and breaking process by using the latest virtual reality special software WTK for the first time. The research result "chip breaking prediction system for auto parts" jointly developed by Mr. Li and Prof. Rong Yiming of wustede Institute of technology was adopted by Ford company, applied on the global network of Ford Motor Company, and adopted by 9 enterprises such as China First Automobile Group Corporation.

In 2001, he presided over the project of National Natural Science Foundation of China for the third time in a row - "Research on the physical field mathematical model and groove optimization technology of three-dimensional complex groove type milling insert", invented the three-dimensional complex groove milling insert for the first time, and established the milling force, milling thermal mathematical model, three-dimensional stress field and temperature field of three-dimensional complex groove milling insert at home and abroad.

Based on the first two NSFC projects and the national science and technology research project, in 2002, the project "chip formation and fracture mechanism, virtual reality, prediction system and its application" sponsored by Li Zhenjia passed the appraisal, and experts commented: "this achievement is at the international advanced level, among which the chip breaking theory has reached the international leading level", In that year, he won the first prize of science and technology of China machinery industry, and was recommended to apply for the national science and technology progress award.

中国熟妇色XXXXX_japanesehdfree中国少妇_72种啪姿势动态图., jointly declared the project "Research on chip control and tool failure mechanism, development and industrialization of series products", Won the second prize of national science and technology progress award. This is the first national level highest award for cutting tool products. The appraisal committee headed by academicians AI Xing and Liang Weiyan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering on chip control technology, chip breaking prediction system and series product development in the project of "Research on cutting control and tool failure mechanism, development and industrialization of series products" concluded that the achievements are at the international advanced level, among which the chip breaking theory has reached the international advanced level.

The project has brought considerable social benefits to the country, which helps to solve the technical key problems in the mechanical processing of state key projects such as Three Gorges hydropower construction project, automobile manufacturing, large chemical equipment, nuclear power plant equipment, etc., and can replace import and save foreign exchange. The green manufacturing hard cutting technology adopted in the project can reduce pollution and is beneficial to the protection of ecology and environment. In addition, the project has also promoted the technical level of China's machinery manufacturing industry.

The project of "cutting control and cutting tool failure mechanism research, series product development and industrialization" not only achieved social benefits, but also obtained huge economic benefits. 中国熟妇色XXXXX_japanesehdfree中国少妇_72种啪姿势动态图., etc., and cooperated in the development of 350 specifications of 5 categories of blades and knives, and solved 9 key technologies such as large-scale and complex parts processing.

If you don't go through the bone chilling, you can't get the plum blossom fragrance. Starting from a wide range of production, learning and research both inside and outside the University, Li Zhenjia has focused on chip breaking theory, chip control technology, heavy cutting mechanism and tool development technology. Over the past 30 years, Li Zhenjia has presided over 10 national key research projects in the "Seventh Five Year Plan", "the Eighth Five Year Plan" and the ninth five year plan, and has successively won 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects, including Ministry, province and city science and technology research projects, as well as ministry, province and city science and technology research projects There are 37 innovation funds for science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises; 26 awards, including the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award (1), the fourth prize of National Invention Award (1), the first prize of provincial and ministerial level science and Technology Progress Award (7), etc; He has published nearly 260 papers and 4 monographs.

Due to his outstanding achievements in academic research, Li Zhenjia became the first expert with outstanding contributions to receive the national special allowance from the former Harbin University of science and technology. In addition, he also served as the director of Heilongjiang Province knife Association and vice director of heavy cutting tool professional committee of China knife Association; He has won many honorary titles, such as model worker (Scientific Research), scientific and technological elites and outstanding scientific and technological talents in Heilongjiang Province.

Indifferent to fame and wealth, care for the motherland's talents

It has been more than 30 years since 1977 when the research work began. The initial partners went to the sea, set up factories and became rich as the boss. When the reporter asked if he had ever thought of going into business, Li Zhenjia's answer was: "I am a scholar, I can't think of making money." As a scientific research worker, he does not have high requirements for life. He said: "my life is still very good, the country and the school take good care of it."

Not everyone takes money as the standard to measure the value of life. He is one of them. And he doesn't think this is a very unusual thing. "All scientists are generally like this, and few people put their personal gains and losses into scientific research." He told reporters one thing: Curie and his wife discovered radium and won the Nobel Prize in physics. Many people suggested that Madame Curie apply for a patent because she could obtain rich material benefits, but she refused. Madame Curie believed that radium belonged to all human beings and should not be taken as her own because she was the discoverer of it. "The value of life cannot be measured by money. Madame Curie is a typical example." Professor Li Zhenjia said.

Bamboo straight heart is my friend, light water is my teacher. In this way, Li Zhenjia, who has achieved remarkable social and economic benefits through a series of research results, has been living in the house of the school for decades, wearing the old clothes of more than ten years ago, and having a simple life with his wife. He thinks that the achievements of research results contribute to the country and the school, and personal income is not so important.

Li Zhenjia has many opportunities to go abroad and carry out extensive international cooperation because of the extensive attention of his research achievements by his counterparts at home and abroad. He has been to Japan five times, the United States six times, Canada nine times, four European countries (Britain, France, Germany, Ireland), Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions. It can be said that there are opportunities to develop abroad, especially when the two sons have settled abroad, it is more convenient to go abroad, but he still stayed in China. Although China is not as developed as foreign countries, it is his own motherland. He deeply loves his motherland.

"Becoming a scientist" - this is the lifelong pursuit of Teacher Li. For more than 60 years, no matter in good or bad circumstances, he has not changed his original intention and shaken his faith. In the second year of joining the Communist Party of China, the organization asked him to be Secretary of the Youth League Committee, but he declined politely; After studying abroad in Japan, President Wang Renshu asked for his advice to be Dean of academic affairs, but he declined politely; In 1986, Secretary Wang Jiude asked for his advice and became president of Jiamusi Institute of technology, but he declined politely. Li Zhenjia said: "the road I insist on is not necessarily the only correct one. Many excellent scientific and technological talents have also taken up leadership positions and played an outstanding role. I sincerely wish them well, but I am still committed to my scientific research work."

In the work, Li Zhenjia does not take all the credit because he is the project leader. He thinks that his mind is not flexible and his learning foundation is not strong. His success is inseparable from the support of leaders, colleagues, peers and students. Although he is the chief person in charge of the project, and the leader and director of the research group, he has signed two papers, and he has taken the initiative to rank himself in the third place. In the project of "research and development of tool system for large boring and milling machine", he has always been the main person in charge, but when reporting materials, he ranked his assistant first. In 1982, "Research on the structure and reasonable geometric parameters of heavy turning tools" won the second prize for scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of machinery industry. At that time, the prize was 1000 yuan. As the first person in charge of the project, he only got 50 yuan, which was less than that of his assistant.

Li Zhenjia is not only a scientist, but also a model teacher of the people. He began to engage in teaching in 1953. After graduating from university in 1957, he went to Shenyang construction machinery school to teach. In 1958, he served as the director of teaching and research section in Shenyang Institute of building materials industry. From 1960 to 1962, he served as deputy director of Mechanical Department of Shenyang Institute of construction industry. In 1962, he was transferred to our University (formerly Heilongjiang Institute of Technology). More than 60 years of teaching career has made him everywhere in Kyushu, not only for the country's various undertakings to transport many excellent talents, but also formed his own scientific research echelon. Today, as long as he is in school, Li Zhenjia will go to the teaching and research section to guide young teachers and students at least twice a week. Over the past 60 years, he has directly taught and guided more than 1000 undergraduate, master and doctoral students; 49 postgraduates and 8 doctoral students were trained. Among the young and middle-aged teachers and researchers, 17 were promoted to professors and 7 were awarded doctoral supervisors.

Over the past 60 years, Li Zhenjia has been following the teaching principle of "teaching and educating people, discipline and guidance", and has been awarded the title of excellent teacher for many times. During the celebration of Harbin University of science and technology in 1988, a student who had left the University for more than 20 years said to him, "I will never forget what you have taught. Without a lecture script and a few pieces of chalk, you can really achieve the perfect level of perfection. It is very relaxed and natural." As a matter of fact, he was not as smart as the students imagined. He described himself as "like a duck floating in the water", relaxed on the surface, but very nervous in fact. He never perfunctorily taught the course, every time before class to spend a day to do full preparation, and even with blackboard writing to himself word for word first. Because of his careful preparation, his teaching plan for a course is as thick as a dictionary.

Li Zhenjia is particularly concerned about school development and young teachers, He said to the author earnestly: "The university is now in a period of rapid development, and its conditions are much better than in the past. However, we should not be arrogant and belittle ourselves. We can't compare with the famous key universities in China in terms of overall conditions, but if we don't follow suit, create characteristics, identify direction, and persist for a long time, we can be in an advantageous position locally, and have team spirit There is no overall advantage and the strength of each unit is weak. Only by uniting and forming a system can we occupy a place in China. At the same time, it is hoped that the majority of young teachers will be willing to be lonely, sit down, drill in and lay a solid foundation. Only after years, more than ten years or even decades of hard work can they achieve outstanding achievements, and hope that famous scientists at home and abroad can be produced among them. "

Remembering the footprints I've been through, Li Zhenjia said: "In 2003, the mechanical engineering discipline of our university obtained the right to confer the doctor's degree. Our scientific research achievements have been applied and promoted in our province and even the whole country, creating greater economic and social benefits, and obtaining national awards. The mechanical discipline of our university has been rapidly developed and recognized by domestic peers. Due to the limitation of conditions, I can't get more glory, but I am successful and I am full I have no regrets in my life Seeing the teacher's achievements, Liu Xianli, his open door disciple and Dean of the Mechanical College of our university, said passionately: "it is the spirit of perseverance, daring to be the first and overcoming difficulties that Mr. Liu has achieved today's series of fruitful achievements, and has also established the leading position of our school's cutting tool research in the industry field."

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