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Chen Tao: faith is still a torch, heart is like a rainbow

——Professor Chen Tao of School of mechanical power engineering

Author: Zhang Qiang Editor in charge: Publicity Department Source: Publicity Department of the Party committee Date and time: 2021-11-26 16:12:25 Click:

Person profile: Chen Tao, Party member, Professor, doctoral supervisor, member of the academic committee of the University, winner of the May 4th Youth medal, advanced individual of the school's three aspects of education, outstanding communist party member of Heilongjiang Province, Secretary of the National Party building model Party branch, head of the national first-class professional department, and lecturer of provincial quality courses; He was selected as the top-notch young talents of the University, the young academic backbone of Heilongjiang Province, the excellent talents of Heilongjiang Province in the new century, and the talents of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Jiangsu Province. He has successively presided over three research projects of NSFC, published more than 40 SCI / EI retrieval papers, authorized more than 20 invention patents, and won two second prizes of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and technology award.

Chen Tao worked as a teacher in the school of mechanical power engineering of Harbin University of technology after his master's degree in July 2004. He has been Secretary of the Party branch of the Department of mechanical design and automation since July 2017. In his 17 years of teaching and scientific research career, he was loyal to the party's educational cause, kept in mind the original intention and mission of Party members and teachers, rooted in the teaching front line, worked hard and bravely to climb the peak, and achieved fruitful teaching and scientific research achievements. He put the party building work throughout the teaching, scientific research and education work, and explored a new way for the party building work in the new period.

Sonorous oath

Chen Tao is the Secretary of the Party branch of the Department of mechanical design and automation. There are 9 Party members in the Party branch. The Party member teachers account for 70% of the teachers in the whole department. He is the backbone of the teaching and research unit at the grass-roots level. Under the leadership of the Party committee of the University and college, a "double leader party branch" has been established. The Party branch conscientiously implements the party's principles and policies, and integrates the construction of the Party branch into the teaching and scientific research. It has fully played the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in the ideological and political courses, scientific research innovation, service enterprises, and caring for students. He led the members of the Party branch to strengthen the party building at the grass-roots level, build a strong political core, and create a fighting fortress role of the branch. In addition, seven quantitative evaluation index support systems and evaluation systems are established to form a party branch Party building system covering the connotation and extension of mass entrepreneurship and innovation indicators, so as to provide institutional guarantee for Party building. In the schedule work, we should strengthen the study of political theory. Around the theme party day activities of CO building branches, the "pairing" activities between teachers and students, and academic tutors, the brand theme activities were formed, the working mechanism was innovated, and the vitality and quality of Party building were improved.

The "double leader party branch" actively explores new ideas and modes of university work in the new era, and integrates the party building at the grass-roots level into the service of local economic development. Actively carry out the industry university research docking with enterprises and local governments, strive to transform scientific knowledge into productivity, and help the development of national and local economy. Promote the integrated development of Party building and central work, explore the new mode of "double leader party branch" construction in our school, further implement the work concept of "building the branch on the platform", and inject vitality into the construction of Party building sample board branch and further build and strengthen the grass-roots Fighting Fort through the in-depth exchange and cooperation of school enterprise branches.

"Double leader party branch" gives full play to the ideological leading role of the Party branch, creates a party member with one banner, and leads all Party members to serve teachers and students wholeheartedly. Among the 9 members of the Party branch led by him, the deeds of 6 party members were pushed to the school media, and advanced models such as "Provincial Excellent Communist Party member", "provincial excellent teacher", "provincial teacher's ethics advanced individual" and "Provincial Outstanding Youth" have emerged successively, demonstrating the exemplary role and effectively playing the role of Battle Fortress. In 2019, the Party branch was approved by the Ministry of education to build a "National Party building model branch". In 2021, the Party branch was approved by the ta99app下载官方 Department of the provincial Party committee to build the "Heilongjiang Provincial grassroots Party branch demonstration point".

Teaching oriented

As a teacher, Chen Tao cares for students, pays attention to the actual effect of education, devotes himself to helping students grow into talents, and strives to build the two provincial excellent courses into the brand of Ideological and political classroom, and cultivates excellent talents for the country and society.

In his teaching work, Chen Tao practices the concept of "prepare every class, teach every class and teach every student well". He devotes himself to the teaching class. He pays special attention to strengthening the leading role of Ideological and political education. As the principal teacher of two provincial excellent courses of mechanical system design and Mechanical CAD technology, he strives to integrate ideological and political elements into teaching, Make the course a fine brand of Ideological and political classroom. In the face of the sudden new crown epidemic, he carefully organized online and offline teaching, combined with the characteristics of the course, timely adjusted teaching methods, and increased the exercise of students' autonomous learning ability. After 17 years of hard work and dedication, we have trained a number of builders and successors for our motherland. Students regard him as a good teacher and friend. Many students who have graduated from work often ask him for advice on difficult problems.

As the head of the Department, he led the teachers of the whole department to actively participate in the construction of the first-class characteristic specialty in China, presided over the revision of the talent training plan for the specialty of "mechanical design and manufacturing and automation", and organized the revision and discussion of the syllabus of various courses, which played a role in promoting and demonstrating the professional construction and the reform of education and teaching methods, At the same time, he took an active part in the construction of "double first-class discipline of mechanical engineering", "national local joint engineering laboratory" and "Key Laboratory of Ministry of education". Regardless of his personal gains and losses, he paid a lot of time and energy, and won the unanimous good comments of leaders and teachers of the school and college. His major has been approved as the second batch of national "excellent engineer training plan" pilot specialty, national first-class construction specialty and Heilongjiang Province double first-class discipline, and has passed the international "engineering education certification".

Scientific research first

As a scientific research worker, Chen Tao insists on studying and exploring, keeps forging ahead, undertakes many national projects, pays attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and serves local enterprises, and solves more than 10 technical problems for manufacturing enterprises; He presided over more than 10 scientific research projects, including three National Natural Science Foundation and one national science and technology major project, published more than 50 high-level papers, authorized more than 20 invention patents, published one monograph, and won two second prizes of provincial science and technology award. In terms of intelligent machining equipment design, high-performance cutting tool technology for high-performance hard materials, he devoted himself to the research, persistent pursuit, grasp the frontier, explore and seek new. In the field of intelligent machining equipment technology, he took the lead in putting forward a new technology of intelligent bidirectional processing and hole drilling for aeronautical composite materials with inclination eccentric integrated milling, which promoted the technological progress of aerospace intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment; In the field of high hard material and high performance cutting tool technology, the independent design and manufacturing technology system of high-performance tool products has been constructed, and the problem of mass production and accurate preparation of micro structure of reinforced edge cutting tool has been solved.

At present, he is working together with Ningbo tiankong to create two high-level equipment manufacturing products, providing key technical support for the enterprise in terms of intelligent technology of aviation composite material processing equipment, high-quality processing of high-quality materials and cutting tool technology, It has solved more than 10 technical problems for enterprises. In the scientific research work, he made great efforts to lead the branch to actively carry out the industry university research docking with enterprises and local governments, strive to transform scientific knowledge into productivity, help the development of the national and local economy, and at the same time enhance the sense of achievement and gain of Party members of the branch, and enhance the cohesion of the branch.

At present, leading Party members of the branch are working together with Ningbo tiankong to create two high-level equipment manufacturing products, and the power transmission Research Institute jointly built with Jiangsu Yancheng government has also made substantial progress; It has provided key technical support for the enterprise in valve body design, aero-engine transmission gear design, aviation composite material processing equipment intelligent technology and other aspects, and has solved more than 20 technical problems for Longjiang enterprises.

Educating people as souls

He takes the construction of Ideological and political classroom of two provincial excellent courses of mechanical system design and mechanical CAD technology foundation as the guidance, covering the teaching links with ideological and political elements, and has formed the brand of Ideological and political classroom. In the ideological and political quality classroom education and teaching, on the one hand, it describes the remarkable achievements made by the joint construction enterprise branch in the field of high-end mechanical equipment manufacturing industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, so that students can feel the sense of pride and pride, and further promote the spirit of craftsman and patriotism of hard work and innovation; On the other hand, with the theme of "made in China 2025" as the background, under the great change of intelligent manufacturing, we should clarify the new opportunities, new missions and new challenges of the young generation, and stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and creation.

We should carry out education activities in cooperation with the co construction enterprise branch, organize ideological and political class seminars and education and teaching methods seminars, strive to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and political education, focus on building two provincial-level excellent courses of national characteristic specialty and mechanical system design and mechanical CAD technology foundation, and fully cover graduation design, production practice and other links of Ideological and political education, and compact teachers' education responsibilities.

Following the principle of "politics first and various forms", he led the Party branch members to actively respond to the call of the Central Committee for "six stability and six guarantees", actively connected and helped students, persisted in moral cultivation, actively carried out donation activities for epidemic situation, assistance for students with difficulties, mailing of graduates' articles, employment recommendation of students, guidance of academic tutors, search of electronic data, etc More than 200 students have been served by the joint activities of the branch of teachers and students, which fully embodies the kindness of teachers.

Based on the 70th anniversary of the University, he led the teachers and students to jointly produce the thematic film of discipline construction in the demonstration site, the publicity film of specialty construction, and the micro video of "understanding China" activity with Professor Li Zhenjia as the model, so as to publicize the advantages and characteristics of Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation specialty and discipline, and enhance the love of teachers and students. Among them, the publicity video of Professor Li Zhenjia of Harbin University of science and technology won the first prize of the Provincial Committee of customs work in the activity of "understanding China". It carried forward the spirit of the five elders and set up a model of education, which achieved remarkable results.

He took the initiative to help students, insisted on moral education, actively organized and carried out the activities of teacher-student branch linkage, epidemic donation activities, assistance for students with difficulties, mailing of graduates' articles, recommendation of students' employment, guidance of academic tutors, search of electronic materials, etc., helping more than 100 students, which fully reflected the kindness of teachers.

Outside the classroom, teacher Chen's QQ is always flashing. From classroom questions to ideological confusion, Mr. Chen gradually stepped into the hearts of the students and earnestly taught them to help them regain their self-confidence and rebuild their ideals. A graduate student in grade 2016 was faced with the dilemma of choosing a school. Mr. Chen fully analyzed the advantages of the student, After nearly a month's remedial training, the student got excellent results in the re examination and became the only graduate student admitted to the University in that year.

Inheritance and innovation

中国熟妇色XXXXX_japanesehdfree中国少妇_72种啪姿势动态图. Through the organization of scientific research frontier seminars, academic exchanges, project demonstration kick-off meetings, the establishment of a scientific research team, all Party members into the development of scientific research products, so that each party member in the creation of a sense of pride and achievement, the branch in high-end transmission technology and product research and development, intelligent processing equipment research and development has gradually advanced to the domestic first-class level.

He actively took the lead in carrying out school enterprise docking and exchange, and established cooperation units such as Harbin Institute of technology Yancheng, collaborative innovation of 3D material adding and reducing manufacturing, and Harbin Institute of technology tiankong university enterprise cooperation laboratory. Actively organized party members and teachers to serve key machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, jointly carried out with the co construction branch, focused on the processing technology and fixture design technology of steam turbine blades and key parts, 3D printing process optimization of key heat-resistant components of supercritical valves and design of station machine, and solved more than 20 technical problems for enterprises.

He also organized activities of teacher-student branches, assistance for students with difficulties, mailing of graduates' articles, recommendation of students' employment and guidance of academic tutors. More than 20 awards have been awarded in the science and technology competition of college students, and 3 of them have been supported by the youth innovative talent training program of the Department of education. Young Party members and teachers do not forget their original intention, teach and educate people, and all of them take part in the work of Freshmen's class teacher and academic tutor; Party member teachers paired with students, helped more than 30 students with learning difficulties, and volunteered for more than 200 teachers and students. We should care about students with all our heart and help the young generation grow up.

In the past three years, he led the team to complete 27 scientific research projects, 17 vertical projects and 10 horizontal projects, including 3 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 11 provincial and ministerial level projects, 3 provincial and ministerial level awards, 1 department level award, 23 patents, 28 SCI and EI retrieval papers and 1 book, There are 9 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students, including 2 at national level.

He actively explored the system and mechanism of the party building work of the Party branch, and constantly made efforts to innovate the working ideas and working methods for the "seven powerful" party building model branch in the new era. At present, the Party branch has emerged six outstanding Party members and teachers, including Zhang Yuan, Duan tiequn, Chen Tao, Yu guangbin, Dai ye and Gao Bingwei. Their advanced deeds have been displayed on the websites of the schools and colleges, demonstrating their exemplary and leading roles in subsidizing students with difficulties, helping students with learning difficulties, promoting students' employment, building school enterprise cooperation platform and education and teaching reform.

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